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Rental Properties Available

Discovery Bay Resort – 1088 Sunset Drive, Kelowna BC

Discovery Bay Resort Kelowna BC
Discovery Bay Resort Kelowna BC

2 bedroom 2 bath  pool level walk out  (2)

2 bedroom 2 bath pool level (1)

2 bedroom 2 bath 4th floor (1)

2 bedroom plus den 2 bath 4th floor (1)

2 bedroom 2 bath lakeview 4th floor (1)

1 bedroom one bath vaulted ceilings (1)


Sunset Waterfront Resort, 1128 Sunset Drive, Kelowna BC 

Wow! What a view!
Wow! What a view!

1 bed 1 bath lakeview suite (1)

1 bed plus den 1 bath lakeview suite (1)

Playa Del Sol Resort  – 654 Cook Road, Kelowna BC

2 bed plus den walk out suite (1)Playa Del Sol Resort Kelowna2 bed plus den 2nd floor (1)

Barona Beach Resort, 4028 Pritchard Drive, West Kelowna

Barona Beach Resort
Barona Beach Resort






2 bed 1 bath lakeview (1)

3 bed plus den lakeview with boat slip (1)