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Kelowna BC is among the many vacation destinations a visitor can consider. Kelowna is ideally located in the central of BC known as the Okanagan Vallley. This is one region that never fails to memorably reward visitors. Kelowna is a place where world-class amenities are always available to enjoy! A place where climate is mild and sunshine is something to be expected.

Kelowna is an amazing place with spectacular mountain scenery and prestine lakes. Kelowna is often referred to as the California of Canada. Kelowna's central location in the interior, allows for easy access to Vernon or Penticton, perfect for your day trip.

The Okanagan is a major fruit growing region and are plenty of vineyards producing world class wines. Winery Tours are one of the most desired activities while visiting Kelowna. (next to our beautiful beaches!)

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The settled area lies in the valley along the shores of Lake Okanagan, which is nearly 200 kilometers long and between 5 to 10 km wide. Kelowna has a metropolitan population of about 145,000 in 2013.

Kelowna offers 4 seasons of activities. Golfing continues late into October with nearly 20 courses within a hours drive. Kelowna also has the largest shopping mall in the central interior and attracts visitors for all kinds of shopping. Outdoor produce and craft markets are popular activities through summer months.

Family activities such as Go-Carts, Mini-golf and our new H20 are also popular summer activities. Kelowna is often referred to as the California of Canada. Kelowna's central location in the interior, allows for easy access to Vernon or Penticton, perfect for your day trip.

Kelowna BCKelowna BCkelowna BC

Kelowna attracts the yound and old, with hot summers and relatively warm winters. September is still fairly warm with crisp nights. Rain is not normally a problem and the area is arid. Most of the rain in Kelowna falls in April, May and October.

Discover more about Kelowna, and it's neighbouring cities by visitng our blog.

As local residents of Kelowna for over 27 years, we can make planning your vacation a little bit easier! Call us today at 250-452-6868.

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