Do you like to manage your own vacation home but don't have the time ...

... or the desire to handle the endless email and phone calls?


Kelowna BC

What we offer.....

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for your rental homes, ready-to-rent guests, who have chosen your property specifically and are READY to book with you.

It's that easy with Perfect Fit

*We do all the work for you! All you have to do is say YES to the guest and confirm your booking. (Declining is always an option)

You can now enjoy your free time doing the things you love and let us take care of all the time consuming emails and phone calls!

For the past 2 years we have helped many owners maximize their income. Let us help you!

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We now have ical calendars, so you can keep us updated at all times! Have more questions? Let us help! Call us today at 250-452-6868.

Discover why more owners and guests are choosing us!

About Perfect Fit

We are a marketing company local to Kelowna. Our mission is to provide vacationers with a great site, full of no bias details to help them make the perfect choice when choosing their vacation in Kelowna.

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Perfect Fit acts as a venue for Landlords to list properties for rent and for Tenants to browse through listings of such properties. Perfect Fit is not involved in the actual transaction between Guests and Property Owners and as a result, Perfect Fit has no control over the quality, or the truth or accuracy of any representations made by the Property Owners. We attempt to verify all data, and visit properties when possible, but cannot guarantee all details will be accurate and up to date. If in doubt please ask us. By using the Site, you agree to accept the risks inherent in the use of this website, and acknowledge that Perfect Fit Vacations shall not be responsible for the acts or omissions of users of the Site. Please use caution and common sense when using this site. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, do not continue to use our website. If you do not agree with our terms, do not continue to use our website. You must agree to our terms upon submission of reservation inquiry.

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