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Guests making reservations with property owners by use of our website which is owned and operated by KS Online Property Services, are required to acknowledge and accept this website’s user terms.  Hosts are also required to acknowledge and accept this website’s terms.  Guests and Hosts are advised to carefully read all terms prior to using our website.


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  1. By accessing our site and/or using our Services as a potential guest or host, you must agree to be bounded by our site terms, which you have read and understand.
  2. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or alter these terms at any time.
  3. By using our website, you agree that upon acceptance of a reservation with an owner, all contacts become confidential between you and the host.  Perfect Fit Vacations, no longer becomes involved in the process of your reservation once an owner has connected with you and the two of you have come to an acceptance of booking.  It is your responsibility to confirm any important or unclear details with the owner, prior to signing or paying for any rental term.  We will not be held liable for any issues relating to lack of communication between you and the owner.



    Owner contract for listing property on our website.

    Guest contract for use of our website.

    Spam and Scams Your responsibility as a user of this website is to use your common sense, when booking a rental with an owner. Emails and websites can be hacked, and we cannot guarantee this will not happen with our website or with a private owners email, so before you send off any money to property owner on this website, ensure that the details of your reservation are correct, and that you have reached the correct owner by both telephone, and email, and the information matches the listing and seems realistic, they should be able to answer precise questions regarding the property layout, location, views, etc, if they cannot, this is a red flag! Please advise us immediately! They should be available at the number we have provided to you, if you receive an alternative email or they are calling you from an alternative phone number, and you are not able to connect on the phone number we provided, do not pay any form of money, please contact us immediately, only the information provided by us should be used as contact info for owners of our listings. The owners should not be asking for wire transfers, or for terms for payment, other than what was specified in their listing agreement terms. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact us immediately by telephone at 250-452-6868.

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